About Us

Zach Grimes - Lead vocals
Brian Miller - Guitars, vocals
Donny Rosko - Bass, vocals
Garin Wolfe - Drums, percussion

An organism is comprised of condensed energy, and Defy Tolerance is a band that personifies this concept. Brought up on a healthy diet of Alter Bridge, Godsmack, Dream Theater, and Sevendust, this vivacious quartet is quickly carving out its own habitat in the realm of modern hard rock with a message of resilience in times of trial. 

From the searing energy of their live show to the band’s hard-hitting debut album “Stop The Bleeding”, Defy Tolerance is well on their way to making a name for themselves among the buzzfeeds and headbangers across the nation. Formed in 2011 when former frontman Freddy Kilo and bass player Donny Rosko accidentally discovered their dynamic musical chemistry, the band’s humble beginnings and subsequent story are anything but ordinary. Garin Wolfe astonished the original two with his brainy percussion arrangements for their tunes, as did Brian Miller Several weeks later with fire-starting guitar prowess. After the completion and release of the record, the band soon built a loyal fanbase and found itself sharing the stage with national acts such as Trapt, Prong, and Smile Empty Soul, in addition to winning the grand prize in its first entry into 98 KUPD’s Playdio competition. 

In 2014 when Kilo departed the band to pursue different things, the three remaining musicians began their search for a new singer. After many auditions they crossed paths with Zach Grimes, a powerful writer with a booming voice and a tall stature. Zach blew them away with his intimate lyrics and ear-catching vocal melodies. The regrouped quartet recorded an EP in late January 2015 titled “Face Your Fear”. A deeply personal and more mature record than the previous, the five-song affair was engineered by James Linton of Soundwaves Studios. The songs, albeit loud and furious, share a common theme of confronting personal demons that trigger fear and weakness. It’s an anthemic record well-suited for any person who has ever experienced a blow to the spirit. 

Defy Tolerance is a burst of energy for the fatigued; an uplifting mechanism for the melancholy; a rush of flavor for those who have tasted the bland of indifference. The band is on the speedy rise to the ranks of its rock heroes and is, as the second track on the new EP suggests, truly not afraid.